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What is the proper working current of the LED fluorescent lamp power supply?

Generally, the rated working current of LED lamp beads is 20 mA. After many comparison tests, it is ideal to design 17~19 mA. The recommended design is 18 mA, which can ensure that the life of the product is much longer than similar products. , Although the cost will increase by a few percentage points.
Fluorescent lamps are installed with ceiling embedded, suspended and direct installation
1. Lamps and lanterns should be installed in indoor and outdoor places with good ventilation, low dust, no corrosive gas and flammable and explosive materials around. The power supply voltage is allowed to fluctuate within the range of +20% to -20% of the rated voltage. Exceeding the range will affect the lighting technical parameters, and excessive voltage may burn the electronic ballast.
2. Different types of electrodeless fluorescent lamp bulbs can only be used with matching electronic ballasts of the same power.
3. The cable connecting the bulb cannot be lengthened at will.
4. For northern and other cold winter areas or places used outdoors, the lamps used should be of high sealing level, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the cover of the lamps and lanterns for use.
5. The actual system power deviation of the supporting lamps is within the allowable range within ±10%.
6. When installing fluorescent lamps, you should first carefully read the lamp instruction manuals and understand the installation and fixing methods of the lamps, so as to make corresponding installation measures in advance.
7. Before installing the lamp, it is best to connect the lamp first, first power on and confirm that the lamp will be on before installing the lamp. In order to prevent the trouble caused by checking after the lamp does not turn on due to transportation or other reasons after installation.
8. The width of the upper and lower sides of the steel ring used in the lampshade of the high-hanging lamp (GC series) is different.
9. When installing, fasten the wide side to one side of the light-emitting mask, and fasten the narrow side to the lampshade.