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What is the most suitable operating current for LED fluorescent lamps?


The general LED lamp beads have a rated working current of 20 mA, and some factories use them at the beginning. The design is 20 mA. Actually, the current operation is very serious under this current. After many comparison tests, it is designed to be 17 to 19 mA. It is ideal, and the recommended design is 18 mAh. This can ensure that the product life is much higher than similar products, although the cost will increase by a few percentage points.
Fluorescent lamp with ceiling embedded, suspended and directly mounted
1. Lamps and lanterns should be installed indoor and outdoor places with good ventilation, less dust, non-corrosive gases around and flammable and explosive materials. The supply voltage is allowed to fluctuate from +20% to -20% of the rated voltage. Exceeding the range will affect the lighting technical parameters. Excessive voltage may burn the electronic ballast.
2. Different types of non-polar fluorescent light bulbs can only be used in conjunction with their matching power electronic ballasts.
3, the cable connecting the light bulb can not be arbitrarily lengthened.
4. For colder areas in the north such as the north or places used outdoors, the lamps used should have a high sealing level, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and use the lamp cover.
5. The actual system power deviation of the matching lamps and lanterns falls within the allowable range within ±10%.
6. When installing fluorescent lamps and lanterns, you should first carefully read the lamp operating instructions to understand the installation and fixing methods of the lamps so that you can make appropriate installation and installation measures in advance.
7. Before installing the luminaire, it is necessary to connect the luminaires first and then confirm that the luminaires will be lit and then install the luminaires. To avoid the trouble caused by the inspection after the installation because of transportation or other reasons, the light does not turn on again.
8. The width of the upper and lower rims of the steel rings used in the high-hanging lamps (GC series) shades are different.
9. When installing, hold the wide side tightly to the side of the light-emitting mask, and tighten the lamp cover on the narrow side.